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New Year, New You, New Skin Routine?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Skin Care Promos! Don't fall for them!

Ah a new year! 2022 here we come! By now you are bombarded with advertising on new creams, new cleansers and endless questions about your goals for the year. January is the month when retailers have sold out of many of their most popular makeup items, and so, in order to keep sales up they promote their skin care lines. Take it from a girl that’s worked behind the makeup counter and knows the ins and outs of promotional calendars and sales sheets.

Want to know the most common skin concern I heard from customers from the months of January to March: redness and dry spots. Time and time again, redness, itchy dry skin was the most common complaint of clients. I’m here to offer some good sound advice to save you some dollars: keep using the exact same products you’ve been using and don’t change a thing until the weather levels out. The truth is that from January to March we are cranking up our heaters, allergy season ensues (ya’ hear me Texans?) and not to mention the windy month of February are all good reasons for skin irritation and flare ups. All in all, a perfect storm conjures up redness, dry spots and flakiness to start off the new year. Yey.

Instead of changing up everything in your skin care drawer, reach for a moisturizing mask and apply once a week to get juicy, plumped up skin. Did you over-spend on holiday presents? Same here. Here’s a budget friendly tip: after a warm shower, apply a generous amount of your nighttime moisturizer. Next, lay back and relax with a warm (not hot) towel over your face. The extra steam will assist the pores to drink in extra moisture and help heal and nurture your lovely skin. You can add this relaxing ritual as a weekly routine to decompress. You can also treat yourself to a sheet mask every week. Sheet masks are a great way to add some moisture and time to yourself every week. Try Sephora Collection Lychee Face Mask $5.50 at

Need more help? Stubborn dryness can be a challenge. If you have not added a hydrating toner or softener to your routine now may be a great time to do so. Unlike astringents, hydrating toners assist the skin in “drinking” and replenishing skin’s moisture. They are not to be used as a cleansing product. Instead, apply a small amount with cotton pads or press directly on to the skin with your hands. Follow immediately with moisturizer. For best results, shop alcohol free and clean (formulated without parabens, phthalates). Try Pacifica Vegan Collagen Hydrating Milk Tonic available at Ulta.

So, remember, don’t change a thing! Celebrate 2022 as amazing as you already are. A beautiful YOU!

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