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Get your piece of the Beauty PIE

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

In my career I have been fortunate to work for some luxury brands. Having worked with such luxe brands, I can honestly tell you, I have always been shocked at the price tag for creams, serums or fragrances from these iconic companies. While I love these collections, I could not commit to purchasing a $100 face cream time and time again. OOF! Just the thought makes me cringe.

Still, everyone deserves a fabulous tube of lipstick. So, when I heard about a company called Beauty Pie that offered the same luxurious products at a fraction of the cost, I perked up and jumped on board. Founded by the genius brain of Marcia Kilgore, who is the wiz behind uber successful brands like Bliss and Soap & Glory, Beauty Pie is a subscription-based brand.

Here is how you could grab a piece of the pie:

Like many subscription-based programs, (Allure Box, Ipsy, FabFitFun), Beauty Pie also offers subscriptions at six different levels. Each month you are allowed a spending limit according to the plan chosen. Upon shopping, you will notice two prices. One, is the “Typical Price” and the second is the member price, which will be drastically reduced. For example, my favorite moisturizer is Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Aging Cream and is valued at $100. Normally, this luxury cream would be priced at a ballpark of $100, however, since I am a member, I will pay only $18.28. If my monthly subscription allows me a spending limit of $100 ($10/monthly payment), then I have used all my credit on that one product. If my monthly limit is $150 then I would have $50 to purchase any other items valued under $50.

Here are the options for joining:

$10/month - $100 spending limit

$15/month - $150 spending limit

$20/month - $200 spending limit

$30/month - $300 spending limit

$40/month - $400 spending limit

$50/month - $500 spending limit

While my overall monthly total of shopping with Beauty Pie would be $28.18 (including the monthly membership fee of $10) it is a vastly discounted price for a beautiful and effective product. The best news? My skin has been vastly improved using Beauty Pie’s skin care. Winning!

I noticed the first improvements while using the Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin Defense Serum. Formulated with Vitamin C, peptides and raspberry stem cells, this serum works its magic on my rosacea-ridden skin. Like a “dose of fresh air” this serum works to fight free radicals and pollution which can cause premature signs of aging. For rosacea sufferers, this serum is perfect to assist the lipid barrier* in protecting against damage causing environmental factors. Can you say hero product?! This is a must in my regiment.

So, what’s the catch? Beauty Pie’s products are created in the very labs that other luxurious brands formulate their products. They use world class chemists, stringent standards and use the “best and newest performance actives from trusted and audited suppliers.” The difference between these products and brand X: no overhead, less marketing, no retail real estate cost and no celebrity spokesperson. So, what does that mean to you as a consumer? Naturally, a better price for the same active ingredients, and even better, no second thoughts on replenishments! Best of all, YOU choose what you would like to spend every month on Beauty Pie’s low subscription fees and if you need an additional shopping limit, upgrade at checkout. Easy Peasy.

The pandemic world shutdown of 2020 caused online shopping habits and behavior to increase and led to 21% increase in retail sales over the previous year**. Experts don’t see this trend changing soon, which is great for companies like Beauty Pie. In fact, the larger the Beauty Pie “club” gets, the better the prices to consumers will be. The more members Beauty Pie adds to their roster, the more buying and negotiating power the company has to keep prices low.

World class skin care without the world class price? I’m in! Find more information at and check out “The PIE” Blog for an in-depth interview of brand founder Marcia Kilgore, a mastermind in the beauty biz.

And with that…I’m off to grab a piece of a pie….a real one.


*Lipid Barrier is located just under the epidermis which blocks dirt, debris and other enviornmental factors that may irritate skin. For rosacea suffers, this lipid barrier is weak in protecting the skin, resulting in redness and bumps.

**Digital Commerce 360 reports; Fareeha Ali; Feb 15, 2021


*Beauty Pie is not a sponsor of this blog. The opinions described herein are the author's alone and were not influenced or compensated by any monetary means. Items mentioned are purchased and tested by the author.

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leafinty Mary
leafinty Mary
Nov 23, 2021

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