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Top 5 mascaras at the drugstore

If there is one thing that every girl needs in her makeup arsenal is mascara. Am I right? Dressing up our lashes is such a personal (and sometimes frustrating) choice. Curling, maximizing, lengthening, drama, natural – the list goes on. There are a few items in my makeup kit that I refuse to spend a high dollar on…lip liner, eye liner and mascara. Truly, mascara prices have been creeping up from $24 to almost $40 for a tube of what we will eventually throw in the trash in 2-3 months. That’s why I am always in search for the best drugstore mascara and luckily for you, I’ve done the homework.

Here are the 5 best mascaras under $10 (ish) at the drugstore:

Lash Princess Volume Sculpt by Essence

If you watch influencers on YouTube then this selection might sound familiar since it’s a big hit among the YouTube community. First off, Essence has a large selection of mascaras to suit every need. The Lash

Princess is by far their most popular. This mascara will length and maximize while fanning out your lashes by coating each lash in rich black. Best of all, you don’t have to build the formula to get results.

Lash Beats Defining & Lengthening Mascara by E.L.F Cosmetics

I am usually on the hunt for the best mascara that offers amazing volume. While this mascara doesn't excel in that area, it is a beautiful option to lengthen and define your lashes. When I wear this mascara, my lashes appear long and perfectly fanned out. Thanks to the thin brush and plastic applicator, the mascara glides easily without clumping. Try this mascara if you are needing to truly lengthen your lash or under falsies.

Revlon Big Bad Mascara

This mascara packs a punch and is fantastic if you want a dramatic look or want to finish off a smoky eye with major drama. This formula adds a bonus benefit in that it naturally dyes your lashes with daily use. (think of it as a lash stain). This benefit is fantastic if you have blonde lashes and need to deepen the color to frame the eye. It is also a great choice if you’re experiencing thinning lashes or fewer growth. While this formula is “inky” and lush, a trick to avoid clumping is to take a tissue and swipe the wand through and dot the tip to remove excess.

“I Love Extreme Crazy Volume” Mascara by Essence

I always keep a mascara in the car as part of my “emergency stash”. Typically, I like to keep a mascara that I know I can count on and apply quickly with great results. For this I rely on this Essence mascara because

it totally lives up to its name. This mascara is only $5 and it is a fantastic buy since it delivers on volume and lengthening without multiple applications. You can’t beat that!

L’Oreal Bambi Mascara

When I read the name of this mascara I instantly thought, "wow what a gimicky name" but I gave it a try anyway. (Ahem, I was a sucker to the advertising) Let me tell you the name "bambi" is quite appropriate because it gives my lashes a pretty, almost false-lash look. Though it takes a couple of coats to get maximized results, the overall look is so worth it. This mascara is a great option if you have trouble keeping your lashes curled, or if you want a doll-like enhanced lash, hence the name given “bambi”.

There you have it ! What are some of your favorites? Share some of your holy grail mascaras and tag @winkbeautyatx on Instagram. If you have any questions or would like to suggest topics or questions, feel free to email at

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