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Meet Your New Beauty Concierge..wait, who?

From a young age I was completely infatuated with the beauty industry. I remember watching my mother apply her makeup and being so captivated by it all. When my mother would take my brother and I to the mall on Saturday afternoons, I couldn't wait to browse and wander among the makeup counters. It was as if the glass counters sparkled as I entered a fantasyland. Without a doubt, my favorite makeup counter was Prescriptives. There was something very modern and fresh about the presentation and packaging. Saturday after Saturday, I would walk by the counter longing to be made over and fantasizing what it would be like to actually BE one of the consultants myself.

When I turned 12 years old my mother took me to Prescriptives to purchase my first lipstick. I was so excited! I felt so grown up and enjoyed every moment of it. The girl behind the counter reached for a lipstick tester in an orange hue. I was mortified. I had already noticed that shade and was put off by it. Orange? Who buys that? She applied the shade and it felt soft and light like a sweet lip balm. She passed the mirror over and I took a look , hesitantly. I. Was. Shocked. It was beautiful! The shade was soft coral, sheer and glossy - I loved it. That was the day I learned my first makeup lesson - never judge a makeup item by the way it looks. TRY it on. That lipstick meant so much to me that I have treasured it and kept it all these years. Yes, you read that right. I still have that very lipstick.

In 2002 I was living in San Antonio and had just started a new account executive position with a Hispanic marketing agency. I had only been there three short months when the agency went under. I was desperate to find a new job when, one day, I walked by the Prescriptives counter and an idea sprung to mind. I wondered - would they hire me? I had no experience in makeup other than watching my mom and applying it on myself. Lo and behold, a few weeks later I walked onto their sales floor as a new Prescriptives Beauty Consultant. It was a full circle moment for me. It didn't take too long before I felt right at home and was having huge success with customers and having a ball at the same time. From that first job, building relationships with clients always motivated me and inspired me in what has become over a twenty-year career.

In those twenty years I've worked with numerous brands in all kinds of roles from sales to trainer to account executive. Throughout my career I've worked and learned from teams across the board like Stila, Shiseido, Tarte, Laura Mercier and Dior to name a few. But it was the role of motherhood that has been the greatest blessing and the greatest adventure of my life. Needless to say, I couldn't travel like I once did or work long hours at retail stores. After many years plugging away at a variety of ideas, WINK beauty was born out of a need I saw in the marketplace - trustworthy, personal attention.

I have acquired an abundance of knowledge from my colleagues, customers and relationships in the field, but there was one thing I just couldn't do. I couldn't pressure my customers into purchasing an item I didn't think they needed or an item they couldn't purchase somewhere else for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps that didn't make me the greatest sales person, but I always strived to be honest. It was this very thing that let me to create a business that was unlike working with a salesperson at a makeup counter.


What if I were to pass on this knowledge to my clients and educate rather than sell them?


With WINK beauty there is one goal: to customize a skin care regiment or beauty routine that is right for you and your goals. While keeping your budget in mind and assuring a beauty routine that is realistic with your lifestyle, we will build a beauty plan that makes sense. That is why I refer to myself as a beauty concierge. I'm here to do all the research for you, include makeup and skin care lessons and organize your current makeup collection. There is no need to wander the cosmetic aisles aimlessly, return items or feel pressured to buy anything. Plus, if you have follow up questions or need a run through on how to create that smokey eye look, you don't have to search endlessly for your salesperson at the store. Think of me as your beauty BFF.

In an age where we do most of our shopping online, the art of client service has been lost. YouTube videos have become substitutes for experts in the field who have studied the skin, worked with countless clients of different backgrounds and skin types. While beauty brands are releasing new products at a cosmic rate, it can be overwhelming to find the right product to say the least. If you are suffering from acne, rosacea or other skin care problems it can be stressful to navigate the skincare wall of endless products. Sometimes it may be so stressful you might want to throw in the towel before you even get started.

It is for all these reasons that I designed WINK beauty as a service that focuses on the customer's needs and incorporates education and makeup/skincare lessons to set you up for success. After twenty years in the field, I am elated to return to what is most important to me - the customer.

Are you ready to get started? Visit the WINK beauty website to explore service packages, links to social media, blogs and more. I look forward to meeting you. Cheers!

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Great article !!


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The Stay Ready Lip Palette is gorgeous!

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