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Colorful Spring means Bronzed Skin

Ah Spring! The season of flowers and lush landscape has arrived. Everywhere we look nature is in its full glory with shades of green and vibrant blooms. Spring is my favorite time of year since it brings pretty dresses and warm sun and with that…winter, pale skin that’s been layered in long sleeves. Never fear! This beauty stylist is here to assist on how to get that gorgeous, warm glow.

When styling a client, I always suggest a couple non-toxic, no-sun tanning product to warm up the skin. If you like a natural tan that will last up to 5 days, I suggest Tarte’s Brazilliance PLUS Self Tanner with Mitt.

This self-tanner is a clean option meaning it excludes any toxic ingredients. This tanner has a wonderful floral scent and easy to use considering they include a mitt for application. Don’t forget to exfoliate the day before tanning for a smooth, even tan.

If you are not keen on self-tanning but still want to ensure a healthy glow, try Vita Liberata’s Body Blur. (Best of Beauty Alluer Winner 2018)

This hydrating mousse not only gives the skin a gorgeous, bronzed glow it also blurs imperfections in the skin such as spider veins, uneven skin tone and redness. For a less pricey option, there is Sally Hansen’s Waterproof Airbrush Legs Make-up Spray, Tan Glow that always delivers on color and is user-friendly.

Last year I tried Pacifica's SPF 50 Bronzing Body Butter and although I loved the bronzed glow, it was messy to apply and transferred onto my bathing suit and towel. So embarrassing. The formula did, however, blur my imperfections and give my skin a tan-like appearance.

Next, when you are searching for products to give your complexion a sun-kissed glow, I always suggest a great natural bronzer such as Tarte’s Park Ave Princess or the new bronzer from Revlon’s Skin Lights line for a drug store option. When applying a bronzer remember this simple trick, brush your bronzer in either a ‘3’ or ‘E’. Use a shaper brush or a large puff brush and dust off any excess powder by tapping the brush once or twice. Next, starting from the temple, sweep the product around the hairline, near the ear, under the cheekbone and on the jawline. Repeat on the other side!

So, if your skin is looking a little shade of pale and in you’re need of some summer sun, don’t lay out. Do, lay ON these fantastic products to kick off your Spring season. Now bring on those summer dresses and sandals!

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