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21-days of Beauty at Ulta!

There are two things that happen every year that spark excitement in my heart. The first is the 21-day Beauty Sale at Ulta in March and the second is the 21-day beauty sale in the fall! Currently, the sale is underway as it started Sunday, August 30.

If you are not familiar with the sale, take a gander at the website or app. Click on the sale and voila(!) a calendar of all the items which will be featured daily. You can also click on the digital calendar for the full month view. In addition, to the daily sales there will be items at a discounted price listed under "hot deals". I wanted to share the TOP 5 items that are on my list for the sale.

Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipstick (Sept 03) - It's time to line up your Fall collection of lipsticks and I have my eyes set on this collection. At only $10 (Orig $20) a pop I can't wait to get my hands on Goddess, Icon and Boss for the win. Not only are the lipsticks creamy and full off rich pigment, but are plumping as well.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara (Sept 04) - I've have tried a plethora of mascaras and typically I stick with my drugstore brands in this category. I simply won't pay over $20 for a tube of mascara. So when I saw the Lancôme Monsieur at $12.50 ($25) I placed an alert on my calendar! I love this mascara! It adds gorgeous volume without having to build and build the formula to get what I want. It's gorgeous one to try if you are still searching for that ride-or-die favorite.

Tula Brighten Up Smoothing Primer (Sept 05) - If you read my blog "Break me out of these breakouts" you know that I've struggled with my skin for ages. One of my constant challenges is textured skin since I suffer from rosacea which can cause bumps that linger for weeks upon weeks. This probiotic primer is formulated with Vitamin C to help brighten up skin while Willowherb helps clarify blemished skin. The formula is also silicone-free and grips your makeup so it stays smooth and in place. Sale $17 (Orig. $34)

IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream (Sept 10) - I have read so many awesome reviews on this product over the past year. Judging by the claims IT Cosmetics states on this wonder, I can see why people have been put this baby on a top best seller list. First, 77% in a clinical study, women who tested this eye cream said they saw an improvement in firmness. Second, 100% saw an improvement of the skin's lipid barrier. I can feel confident in spending $19.50 instead of the regular $39 for my own test!

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner (Sept 11) - If you are a fan of this cult-loving eyeliner, make sure to mark your calendar for this popular item. Regular priced at $22, this stay-proof eyeliner will be reduced to $11. The kaleidoscope shade options will make it really difficult to narrow down an essentials list.

Benefit Boing CakeLess Concealer (Sept 15) - I'm a sucker for a good concealer and I have tried most of the new releases this year. Since I mostly shop for duper or drugstore brands, the Benefit slipped between the cracks of my wishlist. This concealer promises not only to add full coverage for those tough spots, but it also promises not to cake up. That's quite a claim and one that I feel personally challenged to put to the test. At $11 (reg. $22), sign me up!

I hope this post served as a guide for the best-of-the-best from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale. Mark those calendars! Which items are on your shopping list? Share your haul with me @winkbeautyatx or post your feedback here.

Enjoy and shop away! - M

A digital copy of the latest Ulta mailer is available here.

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