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L'Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation SPF50-REVIEW

In the world of makeup, foundation is my favorite to play with. It's an unending search for the perfect foundation. So when L'Oréal introduced their latest foundation onto Wal-Mart shelves, I couldn't wait to snag it up. Among vloggers' opinions this serum foundation was highly-rated and, to my surprise, very difficult to find. In all of Austin, there were only two stores that carried my shade and, while I was up for the challenge to review this new gem, I was not up to driving 45 minutes to get my hands on it.

Alas, I found my perfect shade (cream beige 025) on line at and also chose to purchase the matching Age Perfect Creamy Powder Foundation, Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush in Rosewood, Age Perfect Brow Magnifying Pencil in Deep Brown and Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in Glowing Nude. When my Target box was delivered only a day later I leaped off the couch and got to work.

At first application, the serum foundation is lightweight and easy to blend considering it has a sunblock of 50. The coverage is light to medium and can be built up to a semi-full coverage, although the foundation does stay as a glossy, dewy finish. If that is what you're after then you most likely will enjoy this finish. I was hoping this foundation would have more of a radiant look, but on my skin it left me looking too oily. I used the creamy powder foundation to mattify the finish down and worked beautifully. I needed more retouches thru the day to keep my skin from looking too oily.

As for the blush, I did love the shade Rosewood which left an overall natural, flushed look. It was easily blendable and lasted most of the day. Since I touched-up my skin with the powder I lost a bit of the blush towards the end of the day.

The lipstick in glowing nude was also pretty and very lightweight. It didn't last as others in the L'Oreal line up and needed reapplication often in order to keep the color vibrant and noticeable. It is a great option if you enjoy nude lip shades that don't look too opaque. I look forward to trying other shades though.

The one negative in the whole bunch was the brow pencil. I was looking forward to trying a new one from L'Oreal but was disappointed in the waxy texture that delivered a blotchy application. Despite having a spooly at the end of the pencil, the pigment did not seem to grab onto my brow and instead slipped off. I am not a fan of brow pencils that need constant sharpening after every use, but decided to give it a try after seeing a vlog on it. I think I will just stick with my E.L.F Ultra Precise brow automatic pencil in this category.

All in all, L'Oreal Age Perfect Makeup collection is a great option for normal to drier skin types. I would consider the Age Perfect Creamy Powder Foundation for a sheer, matte coverage. However, it is important to note that the only items to have the sunblock of 50+ is the serum foundation. I'll continue to test the serum foundation and experiment with different primers and techniques. In this first test, I used a foundation brush which delivered a sheer application and took more work to build. In the picture below, I used my fingertips to build the foundation and used the powder creamy foundation to add coverage where needed.

I hope this review helps all of you makeup junkies, like me, in deciding whether this is the right product for you. If you decide to give it a go, let me know! How did you like it and how did it wear? What is your feedback?

Stay tuned for more from WINK!

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