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Best of Fall !!

Fall is my favorite season and October is the most! I'm definitely not alone on this, but how many of y'all also look forward to Fall beauty launches?! Okay, I confess, at times it's more about the launch of new makeup rather than the falling leaves and pumpkin spice in my coffee. Recently, I've been exploring new launches, new foundation and couldn't wait to share my favorites with you. So, in no order ....drumroll....

I have been looking forward to trying this foundation for a long time and after several trials in shade matching, I finally found my shade (70W). Pretty Fresh by ColourPop is wonderful daily go-to foundation. It blends easily and lays down on the skin pretty weightlessly. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of coverage but natural finish it gave. What really won me over was that this foundation is formulated with hyalauronic acid. Hyalauronic acid gives the skin the bounce that it needs to stay looking firm. With 42 shades in its collection, you are bound to find your perfect shade. ( $12)

I've known about the brand Haley's for about a year and had them on my "must-try" list after noticing it was available at Alas, it took me watching youtuber @juicyjas for me to take the leap. Haley's Primer is one of my favorite primers to use when I need to really smooth my textured skin. It wipes out pores and fine lines and has a slight skin tone-tint, which helps to reduce redness as well. There is one 'con' to the primer and that is it's packaging. Ugh! It can be difficult to get the product fill out because you have to squeeze firmly. This isn't so much of a problem when it is new, but when it is near empty it can be difficult to get all the primer out. ( $12)

In case you have noticed, the market has been invaded by a new trend called "glass skin". The term "glass" refers to a smooth, porcelain-like almost transparent skin. (The trend has even spun into hair products like the new Drybar Glass collection which is going on my "try me" list.) I am a sucker for a finishing spray and while MAC's primefix+ has been my go-to for years, Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Veil Mist had me at "glass, skin, veil, mist" . Doesn't that sound heavenly? This mist leaves your skin with a slight dewy finish without looking greasy or over-dewy. The skin looks translucent with a healthy, radiant, glow. (As a reminder, this is not a setting spray meant to prolong the wear of your foundation.) ( $29)

Though the trend for smaller palletes seems to be taking over, I couldn't help but pick up this gorgeous palette from Profusion. The Sienna Palette is eye candy for anyone who loves those warm berries shades splashed against the golden hues of this fall palette. I loved how these blended with ease and the shades are so easy to work with. This palette has a great balance of matte and sheen with plenty of transition shades, deeper shades for dramatic looks. Since we are focusing more on the eyes these days (#COVIDmask2020), this set will surely give you tons to play with! ( $9.98)

There you have it folks! A few of my favorite things I am loving this month. Short, sweet and to the point. If you are leaping into any one of these products, let me hear your feedback. What is on your list for fall?

*Companies and products mentioned are not sponsors of this blog. The opinions described here in are mine alone and were not influenced or compensated by any monetary means. Items mentioned are purchased and tested by the author. The opinions described here in are the author's alone and were not influenced or compensated by any monetary means.

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